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Startboom Digital is a Knowledge Management Agency with a bias on the provision of cut-edging Digital Marketing solutions to Travel and Tourism stakeholders in a bid to accelerate the ongoing efforts dedicated towards creating demand amongst international travellers keen on embracing an African experience, owing to the fact that; Building an effective tourism business in Africa requires creative solutions to accessing

Main Objective

Our primary focus, is to create a movement of African – Experience enthusiasts, equipped with Digital Marketing skills.

Our Mission

Our desire is to generate a Digital Marketing marketplace infrastructure to serve as a portal to showcase an African experience.

What We Do

Our 7Ps of Marketing


Product/ Service

Here we develop your products or services,



 How can we change our pricing model to fit the product.



What new distribution options are there for customers to experience our product, e.g. online, in-store, mobile



How can we add to or substitute the combination within paid, owned and
earned media channels.


Physical Evidence:

How we reassure our customers, e.g. impressive buildings, well-trained
staff, great website.



Are there internal process barriers in the way to delivering the best customer value and 7 please find out.

Why Choose Us?

Africa is poised to capture the lion’s share of future growth in global tourism due to its unique history and natural endowments. And this is our bias to position you and your company to tape into this future.

Startboom Digital ACADEMY™ is a unique brand and/or unit of Startboom Digital and works as
an awareness- Building tool aimed at acknowledging the fact that; Digital Marketing encompasses the use of digital technologies for facilitating the marketing of a product or a service.

Startboom Digital CONFERENCE™ inaugural edition is billed to among others perform as the crowning moment for the Startboom Digital ACADEMY, Brand Awareness campaign dubbed: The African -experience has emerged as a global phenomenon

We are planning on creating an innovation park to boost digital penetration in Uganda. This will be a place to nurture and grow talent and skills.

We are incubating ideas and creating mobile Apps to promote the African Experience and very soon we are launching our first project.

Our Numbers

It’s important to take work seriously all the time.

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