About Us
Startboom Digital ACADEMY™ is a unique project and/or unit of Startboom Digital and works as an awareness-building tool aimed at acknowledging the fact that; Digital Marketing encompasses the use of digital technologies for facilitating the marketing of a
product or a service. It has become the most popular buzzword in the industrial world  with more and more businesses wanting to establish a stronger online presence. Hence,Digital Marketing as a course is gaining immense popularity in the contemporary world
with everyone getting curious about the tools and techniques of this unique form of marketing. As the industry is booming with digital marketing jobs for freshers, pursuing a program in this field is filled with colossal scope.
Accordingly, Startboom Digital ACADEMY™ performs as a nucleus to our ambitious Digital Marketing marketplace infrastructure to serve as a portal to showcase an African experience to international travellers, in that, Startboom Digital ACADEMY™ works to leverage its sister units and/or projects within; Startboom Digital, and are presented as; Startboom Digital CONFERENCE™, Startboom Digital PARK™, Startboom Digital – APPLICATIONS™ and Startboom Digital BANK™ with the overall goal; being to position the African experience as a global phenomenon, owing to the fact that; Africa is poised to capture the lion’s share of future growth in global tourism due to its unique history and natural endowments.

How we function

Startboom Digital ACADEMY™, effective July 2022, is to launch a Brand Awareness campaign dubbed: The African experience has emerged as a global phenomenon targeting actors within East Africa’s Travel and Tourism industry, particularly the linemanagers tasked to manage their various product and/or brand’s market success and this campaign shall roll out into the entire East African region and it is to enlist 2,000 (two thousand) participating professionals during its initial 2 (two) years phase, with a primary focus on creating a movement of African Experience enthusiasts, equipped with Digital Marketing skills to scale the thinking that, our global society has evolved through the product economy and the service economy to the present, experience economy. Due to this fact the value of a travel product, nowadays, is far beyond the goods and services. Experiences are driving the travel industry and making the travel product more and more diverse.

Startboom Digital ACADEMY™ has as its core function to establish an Online Travel – Portal (OTP) to facilitate the creation of demand amongst international travelers to interest themselves in embracing an African experience as part of their lifestyle and our ambition is to position its innovations as global brands, dedicated to serving as a connecting link between supplier and consumer within the tourism business and shall perform a host of prospect(s) for travelers to buy their travel directly online thereby evading the traditional travel systems i.e. travel agencies, while serving as an intermediary means between service providers and tourists, owing to the fact that, the internet has reduced the significance of the traditional intermediary (travel agents) or at the large extent traditional part became very uncommon in today’s practice. 

Management Team

Ahmed KAWEESI (Mr), 29, is the manager in charge of each milestone, Startboom Digital ACADEMY™, (a project of Startboom Digital) shall attain during its initial phase, attracting the candid guidance of subject-matter consultant(s) and linemanager( s), who will be recruited to execute various functions, whose activities shall be anchored at Startboom – Resource Library™, which currently, serves as our Front Office (a product of Startboom Digital ACADEMY™, project).